Keeping those white converses clean without turning them yellow isn’t an easy task to do. With some conventional methods, you can surely get the dirt off. But making it completely white again is pretty challenging.

Below you will get all processes regarding cleaning and keeping your converses white.

Making the preparations

Before you even start cleaning, do some preparation to reduce all the hassle during cleaning.


Work over the sink or basin for the whole cleaning process, or you can spread out a sheet of plastic over your washing area or floor and work on that.

Because the process can get a little bit messy, and the cleaning solution can affect cleaning area or floor. So, you have to be careful and avoid letting any excess water drip off on the floor.

Cleaning the shoelaces 

After you are done preparing, take your shoes and start by unlacing them. Keep the laces in a separate place.

You can wash shoelaces separately by soaking them in warm, soapy water.


First of all, put the converse shoes under running water. Drench them in cold water for a bit, which will take away all the dirt that is stuck on your shoes.


Besides, you can clean your laces with toothpaste and brush.

Toothpaste has a whitening function and will make the laces white. Smear toothpaste or detergent in toothbrush and rub the laces carefully. Then, wash them with warm water.

But a thing to keep in mind is that the laces won’t be bright like they used to be. So, it’s better to change the shoelaces every once in a while

Now let’s take a look at some of the methods to clean your white Converse without turning them yellow.

Various Methods of cleaning white converses

You can have your white Converses completely cleaned up in various ways. All of them are pretty much effective. And surely give your desired result. You can choose the one according to your preference.

Clean your shoes using vinegar and baking soda 

You can clean the whole Converse using vinegar and baking soda. You can go through step by step described below-


Step 1

First of all, put the Converse shoes under running water. Drench them in cold water for a bit, which will take away all the dirt that is stuck on your shoes.

Step 2

baking soda Heinz vinegar with bowl and spone

Then make a blend of vinegar and baking soda.


The paste will make sure to take away all those stains from the dirt and mud. Mix enough baking soda and white vinegar in a glass or plastic pot to get a foamy, thin paste.

Step 3

Avoid using a metal bowl or spoon to keep up with the paste. The metal can have an adverse reaction to the vinegar. You can use a plastic bowl or glass.

Mixing soda and vinegar

Step 4

If you don’t have baking soda, you can use washing powder and instead of vinegar, use liquid laundry detergent, depending on which one you can manage.

mixing dish soap with water

Step 5

The blend should be about three proportions of vinegar and two proportions of baking soda. If you use more or less, it might lose efficiency. So, maintain the paste-like consistency.perfect proportion of Vinager and baking soda

Step 6

Scrub the paste in Converse with a toothbrush. Start scrubbing the soles first because the soles are the dirtiest part. The water will become messy if you put the shoes into the water without cleaning the soles.

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Step 7

Scrub the paste in converse with a toothbrush

Brush the dirt areas and sit for 3 to 4 minutes, then rinse under cold water when you’re done. If you think it’s not clean and white enough yet, dip the brush in the paste and scrub again start brushing the yellow dirt parts gently and very carefully in a back-and-forth movement to clean it up proper white.

gloves ware on hand

While you adopt this method of cleaning your white Converse, make sure to be gentle while scrubbing. You want a clean shoe, not a damaged clean shoe.

You can use gloves while washing to protect your hand from the chemicals.

You know, safety first. 

List of best cleaning products to clean your white Converse

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Using a washing machine

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cleaning your shoes with the custom-made paste, you can try out washing it in a machine.

Converse beg under washing machine

To clean your Converse in a washing machine first, you have to wrap them in fabric or a laundry bag before throwing them in. Then place the white Converse shoes and toss the shoes into a washing machine along with a standard detergent. Run the washing machine on a full cycle using cold water.

When you decide to clean your shoes in the washing machine, try avoiding chlorinated bleach or detergent. These chemicals create a kind of reaction with the fabric of the shoes that might leave stains.

Also, make sure your shoes don’t move around too much in the washing machine.

Using WD-40 to clean the shoes

Well, many of you might know about WD-40, the cleaning beast. If you have got those oil-based stains like tar, paints, or stuck gunk, then this can be an effective way to get rid of those.

cleaning white converse using W-40

WD-40 is a cleaning agent made for removing oily elements and working as a water-displacing spray. It is used for many different scenarios and proven to be very useful in getting those stains off. It is used to clean the dirt and extract moisture.

Spray a little WD-40 on the scuff marks and rub on marks with a sponge as it’s an oil-based product so you can only use it on the rubber part of the shoe, not on the canvas because it contains some intense chemicals that might damage the shoes. And you don’t want that.

Using Tissues as protections

tissue therapy for clean white converse

You can use tissues to get rid of the yellowish tone from your white Converse. It doesn’t clean your shoes, but it preserves the cleanliness for a more extended period.

To get that layer of protection, you can cover the washed white shoes with white tissues. Because tissue paper blocks the direct sunlight to the white shoes as well as can make use of fluorescent to increase the whiteness of the white Converse. You can wrap more layers at the joint and leave the shoes for a while.

This way, the shoes don’t get exposed directly to the outside environment. When the tissues get dirty, you can remove the tissues and come up with a new layer.

Drying the shoes

white converse on sunlight sand

Don’t use any machine or electrical equipment to dry off your shoes. They can meddle with the shape of your shoes.

Let the shoe air dry. To dry the shoes, place your Converse in a sunny, warm, and dry location.

The dry heat in the sunshine dries the converse faster. Moreover, sunlight has bleaching effects.

So, before you let the shoes dry in the sun, wash them with water properly and make sure there’s no detergent or homemade paste left on the Converse canvas, which can trigger a chemical reaction with sunlight.

Really just let nature take care of the drying process for you.

Using Blue ink

mixing blue ink in water for wash white converse

Blue ink has always proven to be effective on white fabrics. Most of the white clothes are washed using blue ink. So, you can try that out as well.

It produces a chemical reaction in water, which takes away all the dirt and also preserves the colour of the fabric. You have to pour 3-5 drops of pure blue ink into clean cold water. The mixture must have to be light blue when you wash the shoes.

Soak the Converse for 10-15 minutes and clean them with clean water. Lastly, let the shoes dry in a cool, dry, ventilated location.

After you wash the shoes with blue ink, don’t let them out in direct sunlight. Be very careful of that because it might have an adverse reaction and damage your shoes.


So, there you go now you know how to clean white sneakers without turning them yellow. You can wear your favourite shoes to like anywhere. No need to worry about ruining them permanently. As you know, how to clean them and keep them as white as the clouds.

Which process do you follow to clean your favourite White Converse, let us know in the comment below. 

If you found any process that helps, share it with your friends on Social media to keep their WHITE CONVERSE clean.

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Happy Cleaning!!!

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